Paul Hindemith, Baritone
Paul Hindemith, Baritone


When I started teaching, I realized very quickly that despite having heard literally hundreds of songs through the course of my education, I hadn’t really “absorbed” them. In the case of recitals, pieces come and go so quickly that they are difficult to absorb, and in literature and history classes, they are learned more for their importance than for their meaning and suitability to teaching and performing. Some people have a knack for knowing the literature intimately. I know it rather superficially, but endeavor to know it better. Hence, this blog.

It is my mission to present the best art songs possible every day for the purpose of both study and enjoyment; I will provide a brief description and link(s) to performance of the song, and wherever possible, a downloadable score and related information.

In order to present a wide variety of songs, posts will follow a schedule:

  • English & American Monday
  • Teutonic Tuesday
  • Wild-card Wednesday
  • Italian Thursday
  • French Friday
  • Spanish/Scandinavian Saturday
  • Sacred Sunday

I hope this site is useful to performers, teachers, and music lovers alike. Please feel free to contact me with suggestions and comments!

About the author:

Baritone Paul Hindemith is a Minneapolis-based singer and teacher who has performed in opera, operetta, musical theatre, oratorio, and recital settings. He holds a doctorate in Voice Performance from the University of Minnesota, where his doctoral thesis was entitled The Singer as Communicator. For more information, please visit lyricbaritone.com

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