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23 05 2009

University of Minnesota graduate school graduation - May 9, 2009

A newly minted Doctor of Musical Arts

My poor neglected blog has been put on the back burner for a while, and will be for at least another week. During much of April and the early part of May, my time was taken up with writing and defending my doctoral thesis, entitled The Singer as Communicator. Any writer can tell you that every document takes on a life of its own, and this was certainly no exception! The document ended up being a more about the pedagogy of expressive singing rather than an the handbook I originally conceived. In any case, I’m pleased with the outcome, and I would be honored if you would care to read it and comment!

After my last post on the 6th (!), I had family in town for my graduation from the University of Minnesota. Then, I performed the wonderful Huit poemes de Jean Cocteau of Georges Auric for pianist Andrew Fleser’s doctoral lecture recital. The music is quite exciting, and we have discussed recording these songs in the fall, along with another set of songs in Dutch by Alphons Diepenbrock. Both sets are rarely performed despite being quite exquisite music. I’ll keep you posted!

Since then, I’ve been preparing for my summer in Logan, UT, where I’ll be performing with the Utah Festival Opera. I’ll be singing in the chorus of Carmen, I Pagliacci/Cavalleria Rusticana, The Mikado, and Camelot. I’ll also be covering (that’s opera-speak for understudying) the roles of Dancairo in Carmen and Lancelot in Camelot. I understand the summer season at Utah Festival is really wonderful, so I encourage you to take in a show if you’re in the neighborhood!

I’m not sure if I’ll have sufficient time or internet access to keep the blog all that active in the next few months. This blog does remain a priority, though, and should I be unable to maintain it over the summer, I will begin posting regularly in the fall.

Until then…
Dr. Hindemith 😛



One response

25 10 2009
Norman R. Kelley

Dear Dr. Hindemeth,

Seems I should have read a little further about you before I wrote my e-mail! You are, indeed, the Paul Hindemeth whose sign-off words we heard on KVNO! Whether or not you are a grandson of your namesake, Paul Hindemeth, composer, has not been confirmed yet. My e-mail will present that story.

I did read your thesis, “The Singer as Communicator,” and am reminded of the concept “storyness.” Susan Kuhlmann Lohafer, a classmate of mine from high school, wrote “Reading for Storyness,” 2003, ISBN 0801873983. She discusses the elements of a good story, much in the same way you present what it takes to convey feeling. Her point is that the short story is a unique way of communicating. So is singing. Interesting the similarity.

I wish you success in your career, and hope that some student “Gets” what you are trying to do, the way I “got” what your grandfather (I presume) did.

Kind regards,


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