Giuseppe Martucci: Cantava il ruscello (The little brook sang)

30 04 2009
O... la pace fedel de la foresta!

O... la pace fedel de la foresta!

For me, Martucci’s song cycle La Canzone dei Ricordi (The Song of Memories) was a wonderful discovery. These beautifully crafted songs call to mind the music of Puccini, and it surprises me that they are not performed more often. The second song, presented here, with its undulating harmonies in the accompaniment suggest not only rushing water the title might suggest, but also the spring breezes, and even the underlying emotional excitement that comes with the arrival of spring.

New translation behind cut:

The little brook sang its gay song,
The branches sang the feast of April.
O spring, o splendorous season,
O lovely, kindly time!

The shining moths strayed through the air,
They strayed into the fields, drinking every flower.
O springtime, o smiling days,
O beautiful time of love!

Every path had a tender breath;
The smitten tufts interwove.
Oh… the faithful peace of the forest!
Oh… the gentle mystery!

Over my pale face,
Over the brunette head,
White and perfumed,
Like a divine raincloud,
The hawthorn petals showered down!

The little brook sang its gay song,
Melodious voices sang in the branches.
O spring, o fleeting season,
O wretched brisk days



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